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RJ Cody Markelz


February 15, 2023

In January 2023, I began as the Data Science Communications Manager at Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS). I am really excited about this half-time role. I will get to use all the tools that are important for communicating with tens of thousands of interested scientists through newsletters and various social media platforms.

The other half of my role is broadening the science communications portion of my Global Environmental Change Fellowship. I will use my science outreach skills to develop a series of long form science articles as an extension of my research questions, but with a general science target audience. These articles will be enhanced with infographics, illustrations, interactive designs and data visualizations as web and print media research products. Short form articles will be packaged as blog posts and printed as zines.

Lastly, I am collaborating with BIDS scientists to create explainer sketchnotes, illustrations, and visual abstracts of their work to help fulfill broader scientific outreach goals and public engagement of their research.