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RJ Cody Markelz


July 20, 2022

Art Gear Sketch

A quick digital illustration of my small and medium sized travel/adventure art sketch kits. The top row is the small kit that fits into a Patagonia Black Hole fanny pack. The middle/bottom rows make up my medium kit. My small kit technically fits inside also, but it is its own kit. I always have some form of sketchbook with me when out and about. #dailysketching

Small Kit Contents

  • ruler
  • fine and medium Pentel aqua-water brush
  • fine water brush with 30% india ink diluted
  • fine water brush with 70% india ink diluted
  • Copic brush pen for large dark areas
  • TWSBI Eco refillable fountain pen with extra-fine nib filled with Platinum Carbon Black ink
  • 0.3 Copic multiliner
  • 0.3 Micron fineliner
  • Uni-ball KuruToga mechanical pencil with 4b lead (I like to punch in darks in my pencil sketches)
  • DIY watercolor kit in old mint tin
  • Stillman and Birn 3.5” by 5.5” 150 GSM Epsilon series multi-media sketchbook (can take a few watercolor washes)
  • Shop paper towel for washing out brushes before switching colors
  • Patagonia Black Hole Fanny Pack

Medium Kit Contents

  • Kavu Grizzly Kit Bag with climbing rated carabiners and climbing webbing strap
  • Kindle paper white with all my art books (for practice or inspiration)
  • Moleskine 5” by 8.5” sketchbook
  • Moleskine 5” by 8.5” landscape watercolor sketchbook (friend art journal)
  • ruler
  • Copic 0.3 and 0.5 seppia toned fineliners
  • Uni-ball KuruToga mechanical pencil 0.7 mm with 4b lead
  • Fine retractable eraser
  • old 4b pencil (pencil extender not drawn)
  • Zebra Brush pen
  • Uni-ball KuruToga mechanical pencil 0.5 mm with 4b lead
  • ballpoint pen 1
  • ballpoint pen 2
  • Copic large brush pen
  • Steadtler 2 mm lead mechanical pencil 4B, 2H, 2B
  • water soluble black pen
  • fine and medium Pentel aqua-water brush
  • 4b 0.7 leads
  • ink container
  • 2 mm lead sharpener
  • standard pencil sharpener
  • gum eraser
  • Large watercolor palette
  • Shop paper towel for washing out brushes before switching colors

Small Kit Examples

Sketch at local park.

sketchbook tree shasta

Sketch at local concert venue.

sketchbook yurt concert

Sketch of aloe plant and pinyon pine cones.

sketchbook aloe

Sketch crawl at local watering hole.

sketchbook deadwood supply company

Medium Kit Examples

Sepia toned pages of dog toys and living room objects at a friend’s house.

sepia toned sketches of household objects

Larger watercolor of headphones.

headphones sketch

Water color landscape Moab Utah.

Moab Landscape